Getting Started

  • What is LumoXchange

    LumoXchange is an online money transfer marketplace that lets you shop for the best local exchange rates in the country of your choosing. This allows YOU to make an educated decision in the money transfer process with just a few clicks of a button. Our platform offers a secure, convenient and affordable way to send money online.

  • How does LumoXchange work?

    LumoXchange is a money transfer marketplace that allows you to pick your exchange rate from our payout partners. Once you decide which payout partner to use based on your needs, we will process the transaction. We will send your recipient a text/email informing them to pick up their funds at your selected remittance partner branch or once funds have been deposited into their bank account.

  • How do I send money?

    You can search and compare exchange rates without creating an account. When you find the right payout partner with the best exchange rate you can then create a free account, link your bank account and pay for your transfer.

  • In which U.S. states do you offer money transfer services?

    LumoXchange, LLC. is registered with the U.S. Department of Treasury as a Money Services Business and is licensed as a money transmitter in certain States. You can use LumoXchange to send money in any of the U.S. states shown below as well as: Montana and South Carolina.

    • Georgia
    • Illinois
    • New Jersey
    • Washington
  • Why do you ask for my personal information?

    We require certain information from you to verify your identity and for the security of your account. This is only required when creating an account and your information is always safeguarded and encrypted.

  • What countries can I send money to?

    We are constantly working on expanding our network. Check back with us if you don't see the country to which you send money. We currently offer money transfers to Gambia, Senegal, & The Philippines. We will be adding more countries soon.

  • How long does it take to send money?

    Generally transfers will be processed between 1 - 4 business days. The length of time to process your payment depends on the country you are sending money, how your bank account is linked, and bank holidays. LumoXchange processes your payment during regular banking hours and transfers submitted before 3pm US central time will be submitted for processing the same day. Any transfers submitted after 3pm US central will be processed the following business day.

    Incorrect beneficiary or your personal information could result in your transfer being delayed for further review by our customer support department. Your beneficiary will be notified when the funds are available for pickup or when they are deposited into their account.

    Transfers made on bank holidays or bank holidays in your beneficiary country will processed on next business day after the bank holiday. This could result in your transfer taking longer to process. In some instances depending on your transfer history with LumoXchange your transfer will be available for pickup or deposited the same day.

Sending Money

  • Why are there limits on how much I can send?

    In order to protect our customers and prevent money laundering, we enforce sending limits. Managing the risk with sending limits also helps us stay in compliance with state and federal banking laws related to Anti-Money Laundering.

  • How can I increase my sending limits?

    To increase your sending limit, log into your account, select “Increase Send limit” and fill out or upload the information requested. We will review your documents and you may be contacted to further validate the information that you provided. Once we determine whether or not to increase your sending limit, we will send you an email with the decision.

  • How do I cancel a transaction?

    Your transaction is eligible for cancellation as long as your recipient has not claimed his or her transfer or if it the funds have not been deposited to your recipient’s bank account. To cancel an undelivered transfer, please email us at or 1-877-629-2744

    Your transfer amount and transfer fees will be refunded to you in 5 - 7 business days.

  • What does my recipient need to pick up funds?

    In order to pick-up funds, your recipient must provide a valid government-issued photo-bearing ID with their signature. They also need the money transfer number to pick up the funds. The following forms of ID are accepted.

    • Passport
    • Drivers License
    • National ID Card

  • What payout options do you provide?

    Depending on where you are sending money and our payout partners capability, we offer cash pickup, bank deposit and mobile wallet. You can compare different payout options and filter the results based on the payout option you prefer.

  • How much money can I send?

    The sending limit for LumoXchange is capped at $2,999 per transaction. The table below lists the sending limits and the information needed for each sending level.

    Limit per Transaction 24 Hour Limit 30 Day Limit 180 Day Limit
    TIER 1 $2,999 $2,999 $6,000 $9,999
    Default limits
    TIER 2 $2,999 $6,000 $9,999 $20,000
    *Requires a copy of a government issued ID, and additional supporting documents.
    TIER 3 $2,999 $10,000 $20,000 $60,000
    **Requires proof of income, social security number and additional information
  • How much does it cost to send money?

    We list our fees upfront so you always know the cost of your transfer. We charge a flat rate percentage fee which varies depending on country. Start a search today and find out how much you can save!

Account and Personal Info

  • How do I view and print past transfers?

    You can view your transaction history and print a receipt of any transaction by going to the LumoXchange website and log into your LumoXchange account.

    Follow the steps below to access your past transactions

    1. Log into your account
    2. Click on your name once logged in
    3. On the bottom section of your account page you will see a list of all your past transactions.
    4. You can select a transaction to view the details, print it out and rate the payout company.
  • How do I change my payment information?

    You can change your payment information anytime on online. You can link up to two bank accounts to your profile. For security purposes you will have to delete a payment account and add a new payment account. Follow the steps below to remove and add a new account

    1. Login to LumoXchange website.
    2. Select your name from the home page.
    3. Click on "Payment Info" under My Account.
    4. Click on the "Remove" button to delete a payment option.
    5. Once the payment option is removed, you can add a new account.
  • How do I change my password?

    You can change your password anytime online.

    If you forgot your password, follow the steps below to change it.

    1. Click on reset your password on login page
    2. Enter your email address associated with your account
    3. Click on "Forgot password"
    4. Check your email for a link to reset your password.

    If you know your password and want to reset your password , follow the steps below.

    1. Sign into your account
    2. Click on your name in the home page.
    3. Click on Personal Information on the left of the page below "My Account"
    4. Click on "Change Password"
    5. Enter your current password
    6. Enter your password twice
    7. Click on the "Change password" button

  • How do I update my personal information?

    You can update your personal information by login into your account following the steps below once you login.

    1. Click on your name in the home page.
    2. Click on Personal Information on the left of the page below "My Account"
    3. Click on Edit to change your personal information such as phone number, address, and password.

  • Why do you need my full SSN?

    We may ask for your full SSN in certain cases. As a regulated financial services company we are required by law to perform Know Your Customer procedures, which may require different approaches taken to verify customers’ identity. We may choose to ask for SSN in order to verify your identity in the most efficient and secure manner possible. By providing your SSN, we are able to perform electronic verification of your identity which will enable us to proceed with processing your transaction in the shortest time.

Fees and Exchange Rates

  • How do you determine exchange rates?

    We do not determine the exchange rates. Rather, we partner with leading banks and financial institutions in the country to which you are sending money who set the exchange rates and compete to convert your inbound transfer to local currency. That way, you the best exchange rates possible.

  • Some companies charge $0 fees. Why are you better?

    Here is a little secret, there is no such thing as a $0 transfer fee. In fact, $0 fees are the most deceiving practice about sending money abroad. You are paying for the transfer with horrible exchange rates. In some cases, it may actually cost you more for your transfer. LumoXchange charges modest fees and our payout partners compete based on exchange rates which means you get the best exchange rates and the pay less for your transfer.

  • What are your transfer fees?

    We charge a flat rate percentage fee per transfer and varies depending on the country to which you are sending money.

  • What does it mean when an exchange rate is not available?

    Our payout partners compete for your transfers based on the exchange rates they offer. When a payout partner offers an exchange rate, it is set for a certain amount of transfers and, once that amount is reached, that exchange rate is no longer available to conduct a transfer. You can use another payout partner to conduct your transfer. You can always check the next day to see which rates are available.


  • Do you share or sell my information to other companies?

    We do not sell any customer information. We only share your information with third parties when required by our partners to process your transactions or when required to comply with applicable law, statutes, and regulations.

  • How do you keep my information secure?

    The safeguarding of your information is our number one priority and we have built a secure platform to ensure that your information is safe.

    • We use uses 256-bit encryption so all the information you share with us remains private and secure throughout our website.
    • Our servers are protected both physically, electronically and they are behind a firewall and do not directly connect to the web.
    • Our databases are encrypted and so any information we store about you is protected.

  • What should I do if I believe someone else is using my account?

    We are committed to protecting the security of our customers’ accounts. If you believe that you might be a victim of identity theft or if you encounter an unauthorized charge from LumoXchange, please contact us at or (877) 629-2744 immediately so that we may secure your account and investigate the activity.

  • Why do you use cookies?

    We use cookies to safely verify your identity and save your internet settings when you sign in to our website.

Other Questions

  • Can I send money to or from a company?

    No. At this time LumoXchange only allows transfers between individuals and not between businesses or to a business.

  • Why do you only accept bank accounts as a payment form?

    Our goal is to provide you with low cost money transfers and paying with your bank account is the most cost effective way to process a transfer.

  • Where can my beneficiary pick up funds?

    Your beneficiary can pick up the funds at any of the branches of the payout partner you select. They will not be able to pick it up at any other payout partner except the one you selected for payout.

  • Can I send money to someone who is under 18 years old?

    No. Both the sender and the beneficiary have to be at least 18 years old.